IDEAS__If you want to know more about The Pirate Organization, you can freely download this paper about piracy and the territorial expansion of capitalism. You can also download a free book chapter right here. Or this freely available paper about piracy and the dark side of capitalism. 

MOVIE__The 5' animation movie entitled What is the Pirate Organization? is published under a Creative Commons license. You can freely remix it and download the script in 11 different languages (by clicking on "remix" and on the "transcript" icon below the video window, right here). You can also download the movie right there.
MUSIC__The Pirate Organization was first published in French in 2010, accompanied by the release of an original musical composition by the experimental rock band Chevreuil. The production of the music was funded from the authors’ royalties and the composition was published under a Creative Commons license to allow for a broad diffusion. Tracks for each instrument are available for download separately to facilitate the remixing—or hacking—of the song.

Here are two remixes of the original Chevreuil song (all remixes are available HERE):

[Wikileax REMIX] - L'organisation pirate

[Plukx REMIX] - Picnic sur le bas-côté