Feb 2, 2014

New course on piracy and industry renewal

Starting in 2014, we are proud to offer a brand new course called The Dark Side of Capitalism: Pirates, Mavericks and Industry Renewal at Ivey Business School (Western University, Canada).

This course puts a strong emphasis on strategy and entrepreneurship in fast-changing industries disrupted by a pirate threat (more details here).

As part of the course, students have to work in teams to address or leverage the 3D Printing revolution that will soon shake the foundations of intellectual property in so many industries.

Students have chosen to work on the following sectors: pharmaceuticals, fashion, food & candy, service parts logistics, construction, and medical devices. You can follow them on Twitter right here. They will be active (at least) between February 3 and April.


  1. Would be interesting to see the outcome - I posted a link to this page in the LinkedIn 3D Printing Entrepreneurs Group
    - maybe you want to discuss / post there too?

  2. Of possible interest, 3D printing in a political perspective: http://p2pfoundation.net/Additive_Manufacturing_as_Global_Remanufacturing_of_Politics
    There is also a French version:
    Rumpala Yannick, « L'impression tridimensionnelle comme vecteur de reconfiguration politique », Cit├ęs 3/2013 (n° 55), p. 139-162
    URL : www.cairn.info/revue-cites-2013-3-page-139.htm


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