Mar 7, 2011

A teaser in English

We are now working on an English translation of the book. If you can't wait to read it, here's a teaser (in the meanwhile you can also remix the song) :

The Pirate Organization: An essay on the evolution of capitalism
 This book seeks to answer two interconnected questions. First, what connects sea pirates of the 17th century to the pirate radios, cyber hackers, and biopirates of our times? Second, how does piracy relate to the evolution of capitalism?

The essay offers answers to these questions by examining, across history, pirate organizations operating on the seas, on the Internet, and at the heart of DNA. Since these physical and abstract territories are also those upon which capitalism expands over time, we maintain that piracy may be much more than a mere accident of history – something like a driving force that actually shapes the evolution of capitalist societies as they go through waves of innovation (e.g., the trade revolution, the telecom and digital revolution, the biotech revolution).

As we connect pirate organizations to the internal dynamics of capitalism, we also suggest that capitalism – and piracy – may be in fact quite different from what common wisdom assumes.

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